Creatix V92 to V90

  woodchip 23:21 25 Oct 2004

Downgrade my Modem driver, as My ISP does not appear to support V92 I get a good Dial-Up connection 50.600kbps but the download speed is rubbish, I have the same problem with the Laptop. The Desktop is a Creatix V.9X DSP v92 Modem. Running XP

  Completealias 23:32 25 Oct 2004

If I remember correctly the only difference between v90 and v92 is the upload speeds that the modem can achieve. Therefore this shouldn't effect your download rates and leads me to think that the problem could be elsewhere.

Could be that your ISP has a high ratio of users to a line. Check this out with your ISP. Some cap at 50 users to 1 line but others don't. Sorry if this sounds a bit confusing can't think of the right terms to use. Basically some ISP's put a high limit to the number of users that can use 1 of their connections to the net. This can cause you to how slow download speeds and slow down your general surfing.

  woodchip 00:32 26 Oct 2004

Not that as I get a lot better Download on Win98 Desktop on same line and only connected at 48.000kbps

  Completealias 00:36 26 Oct 2004

Sorry bud I don't know whats up there then

Hope ya get it sorted

  woodchip 17:24 26 Oct 2004

As nobody knows, I will put a tick in the box.

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