Creative Zen Vision:M problem - won't turn on !

  ITworksforme 12:15 29 Mar 2008

Other half bought me one of these around 8 months ago

Installed the software, turned it on, moved a film and song across to check it worked - but had no immediate need for it - so I stuck it in a draw

Now want to use it and it will not respond

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software etc - but nothing

There are a load of posts on the web that seem to indicate battery issues with the things...

...could I be missing something really obvious - or is it time to start an argument with Creative ?

  rickf 12:24 29 Mar 2008

Have you tried reformatting the H/d. This will mean you'll loose all data but not the OS. I did this on my son's player and its been fine ever since. Go to their website to read how to if interested.
You siad you tried reinstalling the software but you also said the player won't turn on. How can this be?

  ITworksforme 12:42 29 Mar 2008

I have reinstalled the Creative software disk on my PC - just in case it was one of those 'weird ones' like the old Motorola Razr V3 which would refuse to charge on a PC unless the USB driver was already installed

Basically, the unit does not seem to realise that there is a charge on the USB cable

i.e. if I plug a USB cable into a phone - then the phone will recharge - but plugging the same cable into the ZEN gives you nothing

Any help appreciated !

  Chasman 13:01 29 Mar 2008


I had this problem after not using my Zen Vision for a long while.

If I remember correctly it had to be charged up for a long time (an hour plus) before even the screen would come on. I used a mains charger as that seems to be quicker.
Also you may want to push the reset buttom which I think is inside a hole on the bottom of the player (my Zen isn't with me at the moment and it was a year ago it happened)

hope this helps

  mikef. 15:22 29 Mar 2008

Chasman is right, it could take up to 2 hours before switching on if charging by USB, I have the mains charger and it is about 15mins using that if it has been completely discharged.

You can go to click here for help

  rickf 17:08 29 Mar 2008

And the player cannot function whilst being charged. I think the above 2 postings are right. Charge it up full first.

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