Creative Sounblaster Audigy EAX Problem

  MjM Hellfire 23:07 04 Oct 2003

When using no effects I can hear my music fine, but if I select anything like - Heavy Metal, Rock, Classical ect, then I get no sound.

All the speakers work fine in the test...this has only recently happened and only with Creatives Player.

Is it possibly a case for re-installing the drivers?

  Simon_P 23:16 04 Oct 2003

What speakers

Does ir work ok with windows MP?

  MjM Hellfire 00:21 05 Oct 2003

Thanks for the reply...just sorted it and I feel a little stupid.

I had an extension cable coming from one of the auxillary ports and it was touching the metal leg at the back of my PC unit, causing lots of distortion and feedback, I removed that, re-seated the card in another PCI slot and all is now well again.

It was 5.1 creative speakers and the noise was still evident in WMP, which led me to think it was not just the software that was the problem.

These things only seem to happen though when I am not in, especially when the wife has been on it...grrrrr!


  Simon_P 00:36 05 Oct 2003

Even though I didnt really do anything!

Oh well those things happen!!

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