Creative Mini Disk Center

  Craigmave 17:05 07 Apr 2004

Hello there. I am trying to get music from my pc to my mini disk using Creative Mini Disk Center. The only files that i can pass accross are files that i have downloaded from Kazaa. Files from my cd collection that have the .wma ending will not be added to my album.

Please can you tell me why this is and also is there a program that deals with mini disks and that will copy my songs from my album collection on to MD.

Many thanks

  Icky 18:11 07 Apr 2004

You might find some help here click here

  paddyjack 20:27 07 Apr 2004

The easy way I am led to believe is line out from the sound card, and record on the mini disk.

Hope it helps

  arricarry 22:59 07 Apr 2004

you need to do it in digital I believe. Have you got an SPDIf connection?

  arricarry 23:03 07 Apr 2004

Go straight from Digital to digital without converting to analogue. CD to mini disc via SPDIf

  Craigmave 23:04 07 Apr 2004

Dont have an SPDIF connection. But thanks for your help.

  Craigmave 23:05 07 Apr 2004

When i click on an album title then select it to add to my list to copy then it disapears. I think that it might be that the cd is protected.

  arricarry 23:17 07 Apr 2004
  arricarry 11:58 08 Apr 2004

May have been a bit hasty - found this if it helps
click here

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