ZENOPHOBIAC 15:46 21 Jul 2014


Hope someone can help as this problem is driving me crazy!!

I can't seem to get the PC to "communicate" with my ZEN SLEEK MP3 player.

I installed the CD-Rom without any problems (onto my Desktop, running Windows 98 Second Edition), yet the SLEEK is not showing up on my PC as a connected external device. The only way for it to be recognized and anything transferred to and from it is using the Removable Disk option in the player. But I can't get anything music wise to be transferred into the player's music library.

Can anyone assist?



  bumpkin 16:32 21 Jul 2014

Not sure but spam?

  Woolwell 18:52 21 Jul 2014

Windows 98? Old MP3 player too. Does W98 support the Zen?

  Menzie 19:16 21 Jul 2014

Had a quick look on the Creative website and W98SE is supported, I would suggest downloading the newer legacy driver from there (the newer driver does not support Win 98) directly as well as the Jukebox software which appears to be the best way to get music actually on the player.

Uninstall the current software, install the downloaded software and only connect the player to the computer when requested by the software. Connecting it before that can result in the driver not installing properly and the player not being seen by the system. If you have no internet access then use the CD instead of the downloaded software but again only connect the player when instructed for best results.

  [DELETED] 19:29 21 Jul 2014

I have used several of the Creative mp3 players over the years although not with Win 98. All I have ever done is Drag 'n' Drop files onto it from the PC without even installing the Creative software. Never had a problem from XP to Win 8.1 that I am currently using. Obviously you can't transfer playlists without the software but that is not a thing that has ever bothered me.

  ZENOPHOBIAC 12:40 22 Jul 2014

Many thanks for taking the time to provide a detailed response, Menzie, I really appreciate it.

However, I had already tried everything you suggested but still no joy. But yet, the PC recognizes the Removable Disk option when the player is connected (after I enable the Removable Disk option on the player itself). That's what I am really struggling to understand, so why not the Music Library as well?

I am truly baffled and feel as though I am missing something very obvious.


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