Creative® Inspire™ 6.1 6700 speakers

  ChewyDewy 13:41 14 Feb 2003

My subwoofer has recently started "banging"/"booming" every few minutes.

This happens wheither I am playing music or just have the speakers on with little going through them.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

  powerless 13:46 14 Feb 2003

The band needs a new BASS guy!

Pull out the connectors and pop them all back in.

No expert but the sub may have had it.

  powerless 13:47 14 Feb 2003

Well the soundcard.

Not the sub itself.

  ChewyDewy 13:48 14 Feb 2003

The speakers were only purchased on the 20th December 2002 and have never been 'pushed' to their limits.

That is the sound has never been turned up very high.

  ChewyDewy 13:50 14 Feb 2003

The soundcard was also purchased on the 20th December 2002 and is an Creative Audigey 2 (Platinum).

How could the soundcard be broken already?

  powerless 14:02 14 Feb 2003

Well the soundcard supllies that little signal to the sub so it produces the BASS.

So the soundcard is supplying a signal to the bass - But this signal is unwanted.

The unwanted signal is "banging"/"booming" as you say "every few minutes."

Windows sounds wouldnt use the sub.

Music etc would.

So suspect the soundcard it producing an unwanted signal because its busted - OK so its only December old, but it happens.

You could uninstall the soundcard drivers and reinsatll them.

See if that changes anythng.

  Ben Avery (Work) 14:02 14 Feb 2003

that the soundcard is broken but possible. try another set of speakers in it if you have any. Otherwise call whoever you got them from and tell them you would like a replacement as the ones you have don't appear to be working correctly.

If PC speakers are anything like "real" band speakers, it sound's like a connection problem in the sub (our bass player had the same problem with a Trace Elliott Bass Guitar Amp).

Disconnect the sub and try the other speakers oin their own. If they work, you can assume that the soundcard is likely ok. Otherwise it may be a frequency crossover problem but I don't think that's very adjustable on a PC (unlike a mixing desk!)


  ChewyDewy 14:42 14 Feb 2003

What I did do the other night is use the Creative software to test the speakers. I can't remember what it is called though.

All hardware connections : pass

All sound tests on the speakers (incl. sw) : pass

Bemused, I was...

  OU812 15:42 14 Feb 2003

I too (3 weeks ago) purchased a set of Creative 6.1 speakers and Augidy 2 soundcard.

While I haven't had the problems you have reported I have found bass control to be problematic sometimes bloomy sometimes not and this is particular apparent if bass is adjusted using the remote.

I also have noted that the speakers "hiss" audibly even on relatively low level of 3. I'm at the point where I think I may be taking them back (to PC World) since they haven't exactly lived up to the billing they have had in PC Mags.

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