Creative Inspire 5.1 5300 prblem

  blackbob 11:50 24 Oct 2003

I am having a slight problem with the volume control/power switch unit on my computer.If I try to alter the volume during play back or accidently touch the unit the volume level rises and falls erratically.I now mute the volume using the on screen volume control set the volume control/power switch unit to what I think is an acceptable level and then uncheck the mute and control the volume from the on screen volume control which is working without any problems. I then need to avoid touching the volume control/power switch. I have checked that all cables are securely connected. It is more of a nuisance than a problem. Any advice would be appreciated.I've been advised I may need new speakers.

  Lev 13:49 24 Oct 2003

Hey dont buy new speakers . Its not there fault
mines the same I think its something to do with
having to two volume controls (desktop controls)
ive sought of got round it by ... ill try and explain. If you want to listen in low volume without fluctuation turn your Audio properties volume controls down below halfway (Right click speaker icon on desktop and select) .And if you want it loud do the opposite and turn them all up!
Remember the volume device is a pretty flimsy bit of kit really I tend to leave it set at halfway and use desktop control

  blackbob 14:38 24 Oct 2003

Thanks for the reply Lev.what you have explained is almost exactly what I'm doing at the moment,The main reason I put it to the forum is that the system I have only had for just over 12months,my first computer,and I e-mailed customer support and it was there opinion the speakers were faulty and advised purchasing new ones

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