Creative Inspire 4.1 speakers

  Rebanut 09:43 05 Oct 2003

Hi I wonder if anyone could help with the above speakers, I have them on an Evesham system and all connections seem ok but the front two dont work, when I do a speaker test it only the back two that have sound coming from them, can anyone help me with this problem.
many thanks.

  bremner 10:47 05 Oct 2003

This is likely to be a driver problem.

I have experienced the same problem, i've no idea why it happens but by reinstalling the driver it cures the problem.

  Peverelli 11:46 05 Oct 2003

What sound card are you using?

  Rebanut 11:50 05 Oct 2003

I am not very experienced with pc's but the documentation says its a Sound Blaster compatible 6 channel onboard if that helps.

  Peverelli 12:36 05 Oct 2003

I would follow bremner's advice first to see if that cures the problem. If you've got XP then right click on 'My Computer' - left click on Manage then Device Manager. Click on the + sign next to Sound, Video & Game controllers and then right click on your sound card. Choose 'Update Driver'

  Rebanut 12:56 05 Oct 2003

ta for your help but I am not sure which is the sound card as there is no sound blaster listed, there are ATI and Realtek AC/97 headings, is one of them the sound card.

  Peverelli 14:35 05 Oct 2003

The Realtek AC/97 is the onboard sound. Other people are having problems with it recently: click here

click here

and an older but resolved thread: click here

Searching through this site, it seems that this sound 'card' has a problem with XP.

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