Creative GeForce4 MX PCI 64mb, any good?

  TommyRed 11:37 11 Sep 2003

I'm looking for a 3D graphics card, nothing special, to play 'Ghost Recon' and 'Medal of Honour:Allied Assualt'. I've checked inside my PC and there are no AGP slots only PCI, so I'm restricted to what I can get. This is on sale at my local computer shop and I've got a £25.00 credit with them. There selling it at £79.99 and I know I can get it cheaper on-line but how much cheaper? Is it worth leaving the credit note there for something else? Thanks TR

  dfghjkl 13:57 11 Sep 2003

i have the pny mx440,it is ok and a lot better than my onboard graphics,my sister in law spent £1200 on a hp set up at christmas and she got the agp version in hers,so it is ok.but here is the bad news,the price you have quoted(sounds like a pcw price)is top book you could get it for half that price at any number of mail order shops,so even with your credit it is really not worth it if you have £80to spend on a card,go and buy a pc mag or have a look on line and you will find a lot better for your money,i am sure someone else will foreward some sites to this thread,as for your credit,add another £15 and you can get a dvd drive,best £40 i spent on my pc,or 256 of memory,little money for performance gain

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