creative fx5900 issues!!

  matthew-293741 17:42 15 Oct 2003

i have recently bought the above card, and to be frank am not that impressed (yet)...i had a gf4200 from asus, which had a tweak facility and everything, so that i could choose my AA and AF styles, i dont appear to have this ability with the new software (where might i find this utility already on WinXP home?) secondly, i ran 3dmark 2003 and my score shot up 4500 points (cool)but when i checked my sys specs it says that my core clock was running at 300.9...not the 450 i had expected...any help there would be appreciated!!...Having just bought halo and played it on my old card, i thought with this beaut i would be able to max out...but i cant!!..please help this is seeming like the worst 300 quid i have spent!!!(boo hoo hoo)

  matthew-293741 17:48 15 Oct 2003

i have just downloaded drivers from nvidia.....45.??, and that has given me the box for AA and AF etc....what would you recommend i do about the halo issue?...i have put AA to x4 and AF x 4, should i enable nView?

  citadel 18:30 15 Oct 2003

halo is a console conversion, I think it it limited in what you can do with the graphics.

  powerless 18:51 15 Oct 2003

Halo is also for the PC too ;-)

What are your system specs?

Do you have DirectX9 installed?

  matthew-293741 19:00 15 Oct 2003

i am running a p4 2.4, 512 ddr 33 and the card as you know...when i looked on 3dmark it said i was running dx9...i wouldnt be able to run 3d mark 2003 without em...i just found my n-view thingy, and tried upping the AA and AF, Halo wouldn't accept these...i still feel i should be able to run the game at lightning FPS!!

  powerless 19:17 15 Oct 2003

Updated the game?

Do you have your drivers for the motherboard?

  matthew-293741 19:43 15 Oct 2003

no...sorry...i can get belarc to find them for me...whats really bugging me is the fact that the 3dmark 2003 said that my core clock was running at 300.9....the card spec says it should be 450...i want some software to check this out and possibly clock it forward....any suggestions?

  powerless 19:48 15 Oct 2003

click here

click here for the game update.

  powerless 19:49 15 Oct 2003

aida will not let you do anything to the clock.

  BeForU 20:09 15 Oct 2003

i think for the Halo issue its just the game itself! if you look around the Gearboz official forums for example, you would find many people having all sorts of problems with that game! am i thinking sloppy rushed out game that cause this? even i have loads of problems with this game myself i.e. poor graphics even on an ATI Radeon 9700, exception error crashing etc! im not too sure about the 3DMark03 problem but this is all i can say about the Halo issue!

  powerless 20:14 15 Oct 2003

click here

..."But it is marred by a series of technical glitches which seriously undermine your enjoyment of the game."

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