Creative Blaster4 Ti4200 64MB DDR AGP & Demo

  Giggle n' Bits 12:08 09 Mar 2003

Using WinXP Home now a new HDD fresh install. WinXP automatically put in the Drivers for the above AGP Card and I have been unable to install the GF4 Drivers from Driver CD.

There is a WinXP Demo thing on this CD called Nvidia GeForce4 Ti Experience

When I try to run one of these say Grace I get a box come up saying GraceGL.exe
WinXP says it encountered a problem and needs to close (Send Error report etc.)
also getting + MS Visual C+ + Runtime Library with the Tidepool.exe demo, others also doen run apart from the CodeCreatures.

Is this happening becuase I cannot install the Ti4200 AGP Drivers from CD ?

As device manager refuses to let me instsall How do you install these drivers?.

Will this sort my problem out. Or am i going to have to convert to a ATI Card ?.

  AndySD 12:21 09 Mar 2003

click here and download the drivers for your operating system. See if this solves the problem.

Make sure your virus checker is disabled and when the driver program says its detected a version already on the pc choose the option to install anyway.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:33 09 Mar 2003

the Drivers are not Digitally signed ?

  dawnyworld 12:35 09 Mar 2003

40.71 drivers are signed if your that woried

  AndySD 12:35 09 Mar 2003

yes... it takes time to get them signed by microsoft and graphics card drivers update to often to keep up with it.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:42 09 Mar 2003

I am not that worried there not signed but if they mess up O/s then I am. I have create a restore point just incase and also know now how to roll back the driver as I am a newbie to WinXP Home.

Just hope this puts the Demo's/VGA problems right.

Will let you know how I go on!

  dawnyworld 12:49 09 Mar 2003

if the drivers that came with your card are 30.xx

then you will also need the 30.xx-40.xx removal tool click here

  Giggle n' Bits 13:53 09 Mar 2003

and everything is working excellent, all demos fine!

Thank you Dawnyworld (Dawn if thats your name?)

This has now been resolved and Green Tickie as always.


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