Creative Audigy 2 ZS connections (help plse?)

  Danoh 18:27 03 Apr 2006

I've got a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS soundcard to replace a faulty Audigy card which was an OEM Platinum package (includes front connection panel in PC case).

The (very brief, HP) instructions refers to an included cable and how to connect it to the MoBo's front audio header.
There was no such cable connection from the original Audigy card to the MoBo (ASUS A7v266e).

If anyone is familiar with Audigy 2 ZS connections, I would appreciate any comments.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  Danoh 01:44 04 Apr 2006

at one end, male 9-pin plug is supposed to attach to the "front audio cable" which was meant to be connected to the MoBo (except the original configuration does not have one).

This the splits into two connectors;
a) plugs into the MoBo where the "front audio cable" was supposed to have been plugged in (if I had one)
b) plugs into the "J1" header on the Audigy sound card.

Anyone have any idea what this cable is meant to do?

  Danoh 22:29 04 Apr 2006


  remind 22:36 04 Apr 2006

Do you mean your original card output/input could be accessed from the front panel with no extra cables and your new one has an extra apparently extraneous front panel cable?

  DieSse 22:41 04 Apr 2006

If it's only to implement front audio connections, and you don't use them - then I suggest you just leave the cable off.

  Danoh 09:31 05 Apr 2006

remind; the orginal setup has an IDE cable connection between the Front drive bay panel and the sound card.
The Front drive bay panel is provides for Infra-Red (remote control), headphone, Mic, line input (guitar), midi in/out, Firewire, PDIF & optical in/out, analogue inputs.

DieSse; I don't personally but my sons do use most of the Frint drive panel connections.
I'd called Creative to check on compatibility before buying but without using the extra cable (just all the original cabling) the front drive panel connections do not appear to work.
I've disconnected it for now, for fear of damaging the new sound card itself.

I'm just wondering if I need to connect the only cable which was included with the sound card to make the front drive panel work.

If the IDE cable wiring needs to be different for the 2 versions of Creative products, then I could approach them again for any suitable cabling.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 14:26 05 Apr 2006

You should not be using a standard IDE cable. The platinum cables are made specifically for the creative cards. The Audigy and Audigy2 cables are not the same. I presume you have a standard IDE cable as an Audigy platinum cable will not fit on the Audigy2ZS, there is a blank in the connector and this has been reversed between the 2 versions there is a pin on the card where there is no hole in the connector so to speak.

  Danoh 14:35 05 Apr 2006

The original Audigy has a flat cable connecting the Front panel drive and the Audigy sound card.
It looks like an IDE cable to me.
It connects to the row of AUD_EXT + JP1-1 and JP1-2 pins on the original sound card.

The Audigy 2 ZS soundcard appears to have the same (AUD_EXT) except that I have to twist the cable connector round to fit.
But it does fit (probably because there are no blocked holes?)

I remember that the Audigy card has all the pins present, but the Audigy 2 ZS has a couple of pins missing.
Either ways, there's clearly a mismatch of wiring between these 2 versions, I guess?

I'll need to check again tonight.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 14:52 05 Apr 2006

The Audigy 2ZS uses 35 pins with 5 blanks, cannot remember the Audigy layout, if you twist one end then you are not connecting like with like, as I said the pin layout has been reversed hence your twist and the non function.

2ZS layout

  Danoh 17:02 05 Apr 2006

Yes, the 2 ZS pin layout is as you've described.
The flat cable connector also matches it with a solid block where the 2 missing pins are, 5 pins from the (left-hand) end.

On the original Audigy card,
apart from being 180 degree round and the same 2 missing pins, 5 pins from the (right-hand) end,
it has no other missing pins.

That's why the original connector can fit exactly.
There's even the same 9-pin set for a separate Joystick cable connection.

Perhaps I ought to uninstall the original Audigy drivers and software 1st?
I'll try to uninstall all Audigy software and then install just the new Audigy 2 ZS software.
With great trepidation, I might try to connect up the Audigy flat cable again, 180 degree round.

  Danoh 17:03 05 Apr 2006

The original Audigy card is model SB0090 and the 2 ZS is SB0350.

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