Creative 7.1 speakers - only 2 working

  VNAM75 22:24 29 Mar 2005

I have a set of creative Inspire T7900 7.1 speakers connected to the ports of an onboard creative 24 bit soundchip on a MSI SLI Platinum motherboard which supports 7.1 channel sound.

When I play music or games I only get sound from the 2 front speakers. But when I do the speaker test, I get sound from all speakers except the 2 side speakers.

The creative cable has 2 ends. One end has 4 plugs that connect to the front, rear, side and center subwoofer ports on the back of the sub woofer, which is what I've done. The other end, with 3 plugs, should go into the front, rear and center subwoofer ports of a creative soundcard which I don't have. But my motherboard has an onboard creative 24 live soundchip which supports 7.1 channel sound and has the ports of an ordinary creative 7.1 soundcard, ie. front, rear, center subwoofer, which I have connected

Do I need to install a creative soundcard or have I connected it incorrectly? Thanks.

  €dstowe 22:49 29 Mar 2005

Be aware that you only get 7.1 sound from 7.1 sound sources - these are a bit rare.

Regarding your two speakers not working in the tests, ensure that you have Windows and your sound system set up for 7.1 sound and not the more usual 5.1

  citadel 22:54 29 Mar 2005

If you can afford it you will get better sound from a audigy 2 zs card.

  VNAM75 23:15 29 Mar 2005

Thanks for the replies. I have set it up as 7.1 sound setting. Surely I must be able to get sound from more than just the 2 front speakers? The quality and volume is more than adequate, even from just the 2 fronts but I've got 5 speakers that are idle. I just wonder whether anyone else who has these speakers have the same problem.

  €dstowe 07:58 30 Mar 2005

As I wrote above, if your sound source is 2 channel stereo, all you will get is the sound coming from the front left and right speakers together with the subwoofer.

You can only obtain surround sound, whether 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 if your source is in that configuration.

As citadel says, though, you will get much better sound quality from a dedicated sound card rather than on board.

  leo49 09:07 30 Mar 2005

Consult your Mobo handbook - there's usually a sizeable Appendix section detailing how to load and configure the sound driver from the mobo CD in order to use multispeaker configurations from the onboard chip.

This was the case with the N-force2 mobos I've got and there's a good chance they've carried through the same routine.

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