Creating XP recovery/install CD from PC

  Postit 08:54 23 Oct 2009

Can anyone advise on a method of doing this when I don't have the CD for the instance that I have on my PC. i.e its a Dell optiplex 210L that has an OEM version which has a COA sticker on it.

I want to sell the machine and would like to offer it with the CD as a recovery option. Its not the boot cd I want - its to create a full install disc.

All the posts and web articles I can find refer to needing to have the i386 folder directly under the root directory. I don't have an i386 under C:

Before anyone suggests it, the dell partion/recovery option doesn't appear to work on this machine and even if it did, I'd still like to have a separate Cd copy to offer a buyer.

  ventanas 11:12 23 Oct 2009

"I don't have an i386 under C" Neither does the Optiplex 210 that is in my office, so you're right the Dell recovery won't work with this model. But is was supplied with a full XP cd (not a recovery disc) and other cd's for drivers etc. You should have these somewhere and they have to be passed on with the machine. If you've lost them all I can suggest is something like Acronis. You can take an image to CD/DVD and also make a separate boot disc.
But you will have to pay for it.

  Postit 12:08 23 Oct 2009

So is it maybe best to just wipe the machine and reinstall from the OEM CD I have for my other machine and then change the product key back to what it should be as per the COA sticker.

Would I then have an I386 folder that I could create the install disc with and it would have the correct licence?

or does anyone else have any other ideas on how to create the install disc when you don't have the i386 folder in root?

  TonyV 12:15 23 Oct 2009

Just as a matter of interest, I have the i386 folder in my C:\ drive but under another directory which start with a number C:\4803f---------\i386. Maybe your is there somewhere. Or is it hidden?


  Postit 12:52 23 Oct 2009

I do have an i386 under C:\9e9820xxxxxxxxxxx etc but I thought those were part of other sw installs. For example the folder that contains it also has an AMD folder in there even though this machine has a 3G P4.
When I try opening the folder it says "access is denied"
In folder options, I've got "Display the contents of systems folders" & Show hidden files" selected & deselected the "Hide protected operating system files" so I should be able to see anything thats there I think.

  TonyV 13:55 23 Oct 2009

I clicked on the msxpsdrv file which is a "setup information" file, (not the "setup catalogue" file), and it is something to do with core driver installation, so, conceivably, it may well be the file you are looking for. Have a look in it and see if it is what you need.


  TonyV 13:56 23 Oct 2009

Even "Security Catalog" file!!


  woodchip 14:21 23 Oct 2009

You could create one with Acronis, but you would need Acronis to Restore it. It would not be a Operating System CD it would create a Image of the entire Hard Drive.

  Postit 16:34 23 Oct 2009

Tony V, looked at that but it appears to refer to printer drivers.

Woodchip, Its a Op Sys CD that I'd really like to create as I'd like to sell PC with one for convenience so don't really want to create a drive image.

If I partition the drive could I load a second copy XP and do a full install from the CD I have for my other PC and do a key change. Or would it have the key from my machine?

  woodchip 16:49 23 Oct 2009

Don't think you can create one without the i386 folder. You could type i386 in search to see if its put it somewhere els on the drive, but check the size of it. mine is 489MB

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:53 23 Oct 2009

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