Creating Windows Services

  pcolvin00 19:30 03 Jun 2005

I want to create a service so that whenever anyone logs onto a computer on my network VNC starts up and allows me to see what is happening without them seeing an icon in the bottom right hand corner. The idea is then that the session name is the name of the computer (ie STUDENT1) (it's for a school where any system administrator can monitor what the little "darlings" are doing). This seems the best and, if possible, feasible option. The machines have a variety of Windows 2000 Professional and XP Pro / Home on. Network traffic is not a problem either. Servers are either Windows Server 2003, or NT4.

Can anyone help with this matter please? any help would be appreciated...

  madPentium 12:39 04 Jun 2005

sounds like you are trying to reinvent the wheel here?
There are numerous software packages available to monitor networks and they all have different levels of working. Some will monitor hardware on pcs warning you if something looks like it will soon fail, theres also application monitoring, who is running what and for how long, theres network performance with packets, the list is huge. Heres just one site that offers a good product....
click here

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