Creating wifi for Grandkids?

  csqwared 12:04 05 Feb 2013

I have a small ethernet wired system (3 PC + a printer) through a non wi-fi router/modem. My grandchildren have laptops which thay connect, at home, through wifi. I would like to have a set up they can use, for homework etc. when they visit.

If I replace my existing modem/router with an ADSL wifi one, connect my existing network through cable, do I need to do anything else for their laptops to be able to see the wifi router?

  difarn 12:22 05 Feb 2013

It should be straightforward. It is advisable to connect the laptops first by ethernet. When a connection has been established. Disconnect this, right click on the network icon in the system tray, bottom right of screen, there should be a list of available networks to join, click on the one you want, connect, you will then have to add the router password.

  csqwared 19:42 05 Feb 2013


Thanks for that, waited before replying in case anyone else popped in. I take it that the wifi part of the router will have no impact, security wise, on the cabled part of my system?

  SillBill 20:35 05 Feb 2013


The WiFi will be or should be password protected, that's why you will have to enter the password to connect.

  difarn 21:10 05 Feb 2013

When you get your router it will come with a password. This is the password you will be asked to enter when you set up the wifi connection. There will not be any impact security wise on your ethernet connections because it will be password protected.

  csqwared 21:57 05 Feb 2013

Thanks for that folks - now need to go shopping!!

  SillBill 22:25 05 Feb 2013

csqwared - don't forget to get one with sufficient Ethernet sockets for your other computers!

  rdave13 18:37 06 Feb 2013

Am I missing something here? I'm with an ISP that you can use your own router. I believe the likes of Sky and BT supply 'tied' routers. Hence the router comes with password and key.

If not with a 'tied' to ISP router then it will need to be configured. Your log on name and password to the ISP and then configure your wireless connection consisting of your preferred SSID, type of encryption and the encryption key. Making sure the SSID is broadcasting. Once set up there's no need to connect the laptops to the router but search for Wi-Fi connections and connecting to your SSID using the correct encryption type and the key.

  rdave13 19:00 06 Feb 2013

I should have also said you need the values to VPI, VCI, WAN link type and Encapsulation mode with your name and password, to connect to your ISP. All this information you can get from your ISP if you do not already have it.

  csqwared 20:00 06 Feb 2013


Thanks for that. It is indeed an 'untied' (ethernet) router and I went through all the procedures you list when I first installed it. Can I take it that the procedures you mention are carried out on my new wifi router via the ethernet connection and then the laptops will 'search' for the router, find it and then I need to use the password?

  rdave13 20:30 06 Feb 2013

Yes. Set up the router, via ethernet, logging in through a browser. When the laptops are there you can click on the wireless icon in the notification area of the laptops, and you will get a list of available connections. Select the SSID you've set up in the router and enter the relevant info.

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