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Creating a website, never done this before

  Daisy22 23:19 05 Apr 2016

I have never done this before so if anyone can help with some simple instructions I would be most grateful.

Do I first type all the info in a word document? If so, then how do I transfer the info into a website?

It is friends who need this and I would like to help them but I don't know how to do it as never done this before.

Do they have to pick a domain name/site to host first?

Any advice gratefully received.

  LastChip 13:33 06 Apr 2016

Click here for an answer I gave a short time ago. If you use the search facility, you'll find a lot more.

  boyo123boyo 17:28 06 Apr 2016

Ok, I'll give a step by step answer that's slightly different to the one above but follows similar steps.

Step 1: Decide if you want a paid for website (E.G: or a free website (E.G: & less control and customizability). For paid website go to step 2, for free website go to step.

Step 2: Now they need to choose a domain. Some hosts will allow you to do this. I use TSO Host to buy my domain and host my website.

Step 3: If not using a host to purchase you domain, you now need to choose a host.

Step 4: Choose website creation software. My recommendation is WordPress.

Step 5: Locate further instructions on installation and use of software from your host/website software. (I can't give more information here unless you were to use TSO Host and Wordpress software.)

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