Creating System Image In windows 7

  jimforrest 18:39 24 Oct 2013

I want to create a System Image (complete drive including Windows) so I can restore everything in the event of an HDD failure. I have created a bootable System Recovery Disc and I have a new 500gb HDD in a caddy (which Win sees as Drive F). I typed backup in the search box and got the Backup & Restore window. Then selected Make System Image. Two problems though -

  1. File Mnr sees the extra drive as F - and says it has to be formatted.
  2. The Backup & Restore sees it as Drive E. Under the drives found box it says 'The Drive is not a valid backup location'. Is because it's not formatted or something else?

Every time I've used Windows to format CD's (for instance), it spends ages graunching away and then ALWAYS says it couldn't complete the Format. What's more - the CD is always unusable afterwards. CD writing programs either don't mention its not formatted, or they just do it and it's ok. Should I let it loose on the new HDD?

  rdave13 19:00 24 Oct 2013

Others might disagree with me but I keep clear of Microsoft's attempt at creating images, backups etc. I have played around with Win 7's features and tried an image restore once. That was enough for me. Go for dedicated software to do this and preferably a paid-for one. Information is too important to skimp on in my humble opinion.

  rdave13 19:02 24 Oct 2013

Dang it all you've jus reminded me I have to create an image as I've gone for the 8.1 upgrade! Will do so now. Thanks :)

  rdave13 19:21 24 Oct 2013

Image created ok.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:30 24 Oct 2013

Agree MS backup software is quite poor compared to the rest

If you have western digital drives then free backup software here

  rdave13 19:42 24 Oct 2013

I will agree to disagree with Fruit Bat /\0/\ on WD or any other free backup programs to be as reliable as my preferred software. Sorry FB :)

  jimforrest 19:48 24 Oct 2013

This might be more complicated than I thought - I ran Paragon B & R and it says there is an I/O problem with the (new) drive in the caddy (connected via USB). Win7 just says it must be formatted, If I do that I might not be able to return the drive if it is faulty. How can I check it out?

  rdave13 20:15 24 Oct 2013

Use the checkdisk, go to computer, right click the drive, properties, tools and select error checking. It seems it is not formatted to NTFS.

  jimforrest 22:35 24 Oct 2013

Why isn't life easy? I did the Error Check and it didn't find any. Then formatted to NTFS (which it did in a split second!) I then let Win7 do the image - but it failed after 2 minutes with an I/O error.

So I ran Paragon B & R. It 'sees' the drive in the caddy - but says the available space is 0 bytes. I then put another (near empty) drive in the caddy - same - 0 bytes.

It looks like my shiny new caddy is duff. (Although I did manage to 'see' my old corrupted HDD via it). It's also slow. So now I need a different way of connecting a SATA drive to my laptop. Any advice chaps?

  jimforrest 22:37 24 Oct 2013

Add to last Post - I can hear the drive running - but the 'access' indicator only flicks on for a second or so.

  rdave13 00:10 25 Oct 2013

I can't believe that you've had a duff caddy. Ask someone to try it out first on another laptop/PC. If it's formatted it will show in 'Computer'.

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