creating static ip

  Bgrd 16:32 08 Jan 2006

i want to switch to static ip. in order to do that, do i have to disable DHCP server? if i don't disable DHCP server, do i keep static DHCP or not?

  Thalmus 16:40 08 Jan 2006

Yes you will keep the static IP. However, if the static IP you assisgn is in the DCHP pool then it might get assigned to another computer. If you put the static IP into DHCP's exceptions the nyou shouldn't have a problem

  Bgrd 17:58 08 Jan 2006

thanks for the answer.
i am a bit confused.

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

which option do i choose from:

1. DHCP server

2. Static DHCP

which one do i have to enable or disable

  Thalmus 19:20 08 Jan 2006

Why is it you want a static IP?
Were wanting to use a particular IP address?

Because you will only be able to have an IP that begins 192.168.0.x

To do this, supposing you want a static IP of (don't use as that is probably the routers address), enter as your starting IP address and say as your Ending IP address.

Then go onto the computer you want static IP for and (assuming XP) right click my network places, select properties, in the window that opens right click you LAN connection and go properties, select TCP/IP and click the properties button. In the window that opens select "use this IP address" and your IP of and a subnet mask of (it should fill this in for you)

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