Creating a Site Map Dreamweaver 04MX

  Mysticnas 11:51 30 Jun 2005

Hi all,

I was thinking about creating a site map in dreamweaver MX 2004 for a currently established intranet site.

Does anyone know how I can go about this, aside from just manually creating the links to each page and sorting them out?

I was hoping to create something like this click here a dynamic tree structure, but anthing will do for now i guess.

There is already a quick links section which is quite detailed, however this is tabled alphabetically. I would like to add another page to organise the links catagorically.

The directory structure for the site is very simple, all the pages for the website at dumped into one folder. It's not an overly big site with 1000's pages, only a few 100 pages.

Thanks all! ;o)

  Mysticnas 12:34 30 Jun 2005

...done some more reading up regarding usability and dynamic site maps seem to be totally out of the question.

I just had a thought, if i wanted a pop-up site map that came up in a seperate box and once you clicked on a link it would bring it up in the original browser window, so they can keep track of where they're going while they're going there.


a side bar with the links in it that they can expand and close when they need to, like a help guide in Office for example.

Thanks again.

  phil 00:36 01 Jul 2005

If you do change your mind then Coffee Cup used to do a stand alone one but it now comes as part of the HTML 2005 package.

I use it on my site click here

If you are interested email me and I might be able to rummage around my C Drive and find the original version for you.

  Mysticnas 11:45 01 Jul 2005

I thought i recognised the team.. it's only down the road from me.. lol

Anyway, the help is very much appreciated Phil. However, I don't need to do it anymore at all. Someone's already been working on it and almost finished it. They just manually made a links page, simple, but does the job.

Thanks anyway. ;o)

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