Creating a shortcut to open 2 programs?

  Jason Hobson 14:15 31 Dec 2003

I was wondering if it were possible to create a shortcut to open 2 programs?

One program being a game and the other being a screenshot program. The screenshot interface for the game is really bad, and I sometimes forget to open the screenshot program and lose screenshots which I would really have like to have got.


  Simsy 14:58 31 Dec 2003

with a batch file.

Use Notepad to create the file the write the file using the following format;

"C:\Program Files\Cacheman\Cacheman.exe"

"C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG6\Avgcc32.exe"

If that has appeared correctly on this site,you should have 2 seperate lines, each showing the path to programmes...

Save this file with the extension .bat, eg "mygame.bat"

You can create a shortcut on your desktop by rightclicking and selectng "new shortcut" then following the prompts.

This works for Win 98... apologies if it is different for other flavours of Windows!



  hugh-265156 15:06 31 Dec 2003

in win xp just browse to the location where the program is installed(normally C:\ PROGRAM FILES)

find the program folder and the .exe then right click it and choose "send to/desktop create shortcut"

  LastChip 15:52 31 Dec 2003

Create a simple batch script in Word Pad or something, to open both programs. Save it to a name of your choosing with a .BAT extension and then drag it onto the desktop. Choose whatever Icon you wish for the batch file.

I've tried it; it works, but at the moment, I can't find a way of closing the created DOS Window automatically. Perhaps someone with more DOS knowledge could come up with an answer to that!

  LastChip 15:54 31 Dec 2003

while I was playing, others came up with a similar answer!

  DieSse 16:12 31 Dec 2003

LastChip - Try putting EXIT as the last command in the batch file.

  LastChip 19:44 31 Dec 2003

Tried that, but the DOS window that opens as a result of the batch file, remains open.

I even tried [EXIT path name], but all that does is open a loop, and the batch will just keep running, opening more and more of the same applications.

It's as though the EXIT command has no function in a DOS window!

  woodchip 19:46 31 Dec 2003

Why not press the print screen key then paste into a program

  Pesala 23:24 31 Dec 2003

On the batch file shortcut properties, program tab, check "close on exit."

Thanks for asking that question. I found my own tip useful for running a backup batch file.

  LastChip 14:01 01 Jan 2004

Thanks. You solved the final piece of the jigsaw.

Tried it this afternoon, and it works as advertised!

Some useful (perhaps) information whilst experimenting with this problem.

When you write the batch file, I suggest you save it directly to the root of whichever drive you select; C: for example. Incidentally, don't get hung up about writing batch files, it is simply the command line to your executable file, that starts the required program. (See Simsy's example). In your case, you require two programs to open, so the batch will consist of two seperate lines; one for each program. Once saved, it will be a .txt file, so rename the extension to .bat, and ignore the associated warning. Now create the shortcut to the Desktop and apply Pesala's fix. Rename the shortcut if required and select a suitable icon, as you will have the DOS icon as a default. Almost a repeat of Simsy's submission.

Anytime you now double click the icon, your programs will launch!

Happy New Year!

  Simsy 17:53 01 Jan 2004

that I learnt how to do it through this site...

undoubtedly the best there is!



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