Creating repair - factory setting discs

  Molly_Don 12:42 08 Aug 2010


Following on from my thread yesterday click here

It's clear I need to take precautions for the future as Woodchip posted :

If you have a System CD for your Operating System, NOT a RESTORE CD. You can boot with CD in the Drive, choose Setup, Windows will look for any Operating Systems on the drive and should find the one you are running. When it shows you click on it to select it then press R this should repair the System without loosing any files. But you will Have to Download all Windows Updates and Fixes again.

My computer knowledge is zero, can someone tell me please how do I create a repair disc and factory setting disc from the beginning?

I've looked in "control panel" but can't see what I need to do.

I have an acer desktop, running XP (if it helps, although it means nothing to me, there is no partion on this machine)


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:13 08 Aug 2010

The absolute easiest way is to image your drive with Acronis click here

And, depending on the size of the drive, copy it to DVDs or an external drive.

If the hard drive fails you can reimage using a rescue CD to a new drive or even replace the old drive with a large drive.

Tutorials for Acronis click here

  Molly_Don 13:15 08 Aug 2010

Hi fruit bat

Thank you, do I have to pay for that programme, if so, am I right it's $29.99 for how long?

  lotvic 13:32 08 Aug 2010

If you have a Seagate or Maxtor Harddrive you can get a version of Acronis for nowt, completely free download and program, nothing to pay. It is called DiscWizard or MaxBlast5 they are the same program
Download from click here If you download and read the 'Learn more' .pdf manual, instructions, you will see what you get.

  Molly_Don 16:31 08 Aug 2010

Hi lotvic

If you have a Seagate or Maxtor Harddrive

Thanks for the help, tbh, I have no idea what I have.

  woodchip 16:37 08 Aug 2010

You cannot Create a Operating System CD. This if you do not have means Buying your own or borrow one and use the Microsoft Key from your PC on back or side of PC or Bottom of a Laptop to run Repair as I said in your other CD. If you can do that then with Acronis You can create as it was, your own Image of the OS on your Drive and use this any time you need to restore the System

  woodchip 16:39 08 Aug 2010

as I said on your other thread not CD

  Molly_Don 17:04 08 Aug 2010

Hi woodchip

OK, I have some new discs and the sticker with the product key no. is still on the side of the tower, what's the 1st thing I have to?

Under Start > control panel > performane / maintenance nothing is listed for back up / repair

  DieSse 17:41 08 Aug 2010

"If you have a Seagate or Maxtor Harddrive"

You can do the same if you have a Western Digital drive too, from the Western Digital site.

"tbh, I have no idea what I have."

Download (free) and run SIW and it will tell you loads about your system, including that.

  woodchip 17:45 08 Aug 2010

Do you have a CD the says System Oem Disc? or Restore CD? if its the System CD you can do a Repair with it. If not you need to borrow a oem Disc with same OS as your own. If its XP home, a XP Pro disc will not work, it will need to be the same i.e XP home etc

  Molly_Don 18:11 08 Aug 2010

"Do you have a CD the says System Oem Disc? or Restore CD? if its the System CD you can do a Repair with it"

All I have is a disc with an Acer logo on it - when I insert the dics a menu pops up with "DVD RW: drive (E:) Acer_Backup1

If i open under view files there are lost of folders showing (not idea what to do with it)

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