Creating recovery disc Toshiba Laptop

  Ankermi31 18:50 29 Jun 2008

Toshiba Laptop Satallite series L350

Trying to create the recovery discs (2)

On disc 1 right at the end an error message has appeared

Error reading file HDDPREP\boot|boot.sdr

Error code 020150-20-00000000

Tried a 2nd time same error came up.
Disc 2 downloaded no problems.

Any ideas what this is all about. Laptop brand new purchased Thursday.

  Ankermi31 12:21 30 Jun 2008

Thanks your reply.

Eventually got it sorted via a third party.

Item being returned to store with corrupt disc

  Ankermi31 15:33 07 Jul 2008

The end of the saga!. Returned No.1 and got No.2 new laptop. Everything fine til trying to go live for wireless. Signal not recognised and Orange could not help. What a surprise!

Inspiration, look into Device Manager, what did I find. Under Drivers "Unidentified object".

Updated driver, tried the LiveBox and yes you have it we are now live.

So remember all beginners it might not be your lack of knowledge apparently Tobisha had a number of laptops fitted with the incorrect drivers (mine being one)so their webpage says. Now would it not have been sensible to send out a memo to all their buyers just to put a note in with that particular brand telling one the problem? Those with no knowledge would not have had a clue.

  Ankermi31 08:29 08 Jul 2008

Hi wis
Yes I must admit for a leading computer supplier I was surprised to find that no information was supplied with the machine when purchased.

I have gone back to the store and pointed this out and they were completely unaware and said they would take the matter up, to which I now have this in writing.

Have now written Tobishia.

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