Creating a Recovery Disc for Sony Laptop VGN NR38

  warehouseman 14:30 27 Dec 2008

Apologies for being totally ignorant re laptops. While I already have a Dell Home Computer, I have recently been given a new Sony Laptop(Vista VGN NR38s) It looks a really nice piece of kit but I am a little disappointed with the guidance notes that have come with it , which are not user friendly to beginners.
Firstly : it says its important to create recovery discs . It then goes on to tell you what you CANNOT use as discs !!!! eg Blue-ray, DVD-RAM, CD-R or CD-RW. It then says to check out the User Guide to find out 'which types of media your optical disc drive supports' . Well I'm afraid there are reams of instructions which I do not understand. Can anyone simply tell me A) WHAT DISC SHOULD i USE AND B) any recomendation as to what I place on my desktop screen before creating the restore disc.

  tullie 15:29 27 Dec 2008

If they dont recommend cd-r what about cd+r,or try both,they are cheap enough.

  Pamy 15:31 27 Dec 2008

If it says do not use a CD-R disk then use a CD+R disk

Do not install anything.

Make the disk as instructed, then if anything ever goes wrong you can use the disk you have made to restore your computer to as it is NOW. You would be advsed to get yourself an imaging program such as Acronis True Image 11 and make regular backups/ images to another HDD as you install new programs and data.

  anchor 16:59 27 Dec 2008

On my Sony Vaio I used two DVD-R for recovery discs.

I suspect that CD`s of whatever type will be much too small, and involve multiple discs; (that is IF CD`s can be used at all).

  lb34 16:53 16 Jan 2009

I also have the same problem did you reslove yours..if so what type of disc did you use ? i have tried dvd+r but they didnt work

  Grey Goo 10:40 17 Jan 2009

If you look on the programme menu there should be a utility to create the backups. This will create them for you just follow the instructions on screen. As Anchor has advised a couple of DVD-R's should cover it. One will be prepared with the O/S and drivers and the other will have all the utilities software on it.

  sunnystaines 12:38 17 Jan 2009

I have found the hidden partition works well on sony VGN laptops but the back media never seems to work.

and will not install when its time to replace your hard drive.

an excellent laptop with dreadful support is my experience of our sony VGN fe laptop tried both dvd + and dvd -

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