Creating RAID 0 array

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I've just built PC, using a ASUS A8R-MVP Mo/Bo. I have 2 x 80Gb Maxtor Sata II HDD's, CPU is AMD San Diego 3700+ and a Radeon Gigabyte X800XL PCI-E graphics card. I want to create a Raid 0 but after following the manual step by step it fails every time. After changing main Bios enabling Onboard SATA Boot ROM save/exit and enter RAID Bios it then takes an age while displaying identifying IDE drives. Eventually it goes through and I then set up the RAID array as per manual then it freezes. I have allowed 10 mins but nothing. The whole process takes about an hour.

I have no problem using the two drives as independents, PC is almost instant when I do.

Sorry for being long winded, just trying to give as much info as possible. Please help before I go insane. I'm only a novice so please explain fully.

Can someone provide a idiots step by step guide.

Thanks in anticipation


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Before you go any further, may I ask why you wish to set up a RAID0 array? The only advantages are (I think) that you can treat both disks as a single entity, and that the write speed is a little faster. These are minor compared to the disadvantage that, if either disk develops a fault (twice the chance of that for a single disk), you will lose your operating system, your programs and your data if you do not have back-up copies of the lot.

A RAID1 system, on the other hand, although it appears to be a single disk, contains sufficient redundancy that the failure of a single disk does not lose any information, and the system can be re-built when the faulty disk is repaired or replaced. The main disadvantage of course is that the capacity of the array is only that of the smaller of the two component disks.

For an example of the results of adopting RAID0,
click here

As I've never set up a RAID0 array, I can't help with your main problem except to say that establishing the array might be very slow - an hour or more - but I would have expected that there would be a progress message on the screen. It's done at an early stage in the booting process, so communications are primitive.

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