Creating and printing Event tickets in Word

  iscanut 21:11 11 Jan 2013

I need to create and then print a supply of tickets to a dance by using Word, which I am a novice at. I was thinking of creating the text and info etc for the event and then create say 8 or 10 tickets per A4 page which I can then print and then cut up. Can anyone point me in the right direction for such a layout. I have Word 2003. Thanks.

  lotvic 00:42 12 Jan 2013

You can do it with a table. create a table that fills the entire page with cells the size you want for each ticket.

Sequential numbered tickets in Word 2003 tells and shows you how to do it, it looks quite simple.

  iscanut 10:19 12 Jan 2013

Thanks lotvic....the obvious way is always the one you did not think of. Many thanks for reminding me.

  Taff™ 10:31 12 Jan 2013

That's an awful lot of cutting to do as well as setting out. You will need to allow for any border restrictions of your printer too and replicate the same border for the inside edge of each ticket down the entre of the page.

Depending on the number of tickets you need you will also have to buy appropriate card from the stationers. Card is much easier to cut accurately using a craft knife and steel rule.

I have a tip that might save you a lot of heartache. Go to any reputable stationers such as Rymans or Staples and ask for 6 x 4" White Plain Record Cards. They come in packs of 100 and cost £2-£2.50 a pack i.e. less than 3 pence each. Do not try to buy UK postcards which are a slightly different size because they are much more expensive for some reason!

Simply set up a ticket using 6x4" paper size in Word with a border to suit your printer. If you have a borderless printer so much the better - use a 5mm border all round. Create your ticket and print it selecting "Matte Photo Paper" which will allow borderless printing.

To conserve ink I suggest you keep the design as simple as possible with perhaps a small logo or image (No more than 50% of the card area) and use only a couple of colours and sizes of text.

  Taff™ 10:40 12 Jan 2013

Staples Record Cards For Example There's also an option for 5x3" cards here which you might consider.

Here's the ones I buy Rymans Silvine Plain Record Cards

Believe me you'll spend more time laying out an A4 page and cutting up than actually printing the tickets straight onto the right size card!

  lotvic 10:59 12 Jan 2013

Follow up to my post, tip: for the table cells choose No Border lines before you print then you won't have to trim the sides etc.

  iscanut 11:38 12 Jan 2013

Thanks to both of you for your tips...I have only 100 to do as we expect 90 or so at a village Ceilidh and cheap and cheerful will do for the tickets. No fancy logos, colours etc.

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