Creating a Playlist

  muffin1947 10:37 16 Aug 2008

I have got a lot of music tracks on my hard drive and want to create a playlist in order to play them one after the other.I am sure I used to do this using media player but dont seem to have that facility now or maybe I am doing something wrong.Can someone advise.

  Furkin 14:36 16 Aug 2008

Hi Muffin,
Although i'm pretty new to this (just saved my entire CD collection) to mp3 mode.
After reading your post I clicked on WMP & it opens up with the list of items saved.
All I did was drag any title across from the list to the Play List on the right,,,,, it started playing immediately,,,, even whilst I was adding toons to play.

hope this helps.

Incy dentally - do you know if can I copy my saved mp3 files back to (i assume) WAV files to play in normal CD players ?

  [email protected] 14:44 16 Aug 2008

Furkin,use db poweramp.Its free,you can batch or individually convert tracks to a wide variety of formats including wav.
click here

  golfpro 15:06 16 Aug 2008

Muffin and Firkin. Go into media player/burn/copy. right click and choose want you what to do from the drop down menues.

  six-h 15:15 16 Aug 2008

I have just re-installed my library from my old PC, and one compilation album refuses to "stay together", it seems to prefer to appear several times in the "Songs" view, showing the tracks grouped by artist, whilst other compilations list properly!!
How can I put it right?

Sorry to butt in, but you folks seem to know what's what!!

  Batch 15:22 16 Aug 2008

I'm using WMP 10. In that if u hit F3 (or go to Tools, Search for Media Files), you can add tracks to your library. Then u can make any further bespoke playlists from within WMP.

WMP 11 maybe slightly differennt, but it will have the same functionality somewhere.

  Batch 15:27 16 Aug 2008

six-h - I would guess that your problem is due to the content of the individual media files. WMP just follows the info. that is in the files (i.e. .wma, .mp3 files etc).

You may be able to fix this by getting the tracks concerned in a view showing a column of "Album" and making sure that they all have the same Album name.

  Furkin 16:13 16 Aug 2008

A problem I've just encountered is when I saved a CD (various artistes) as MP3, it didn't show the artistes names or track name.
"No prob" thought I and went to 'change name' & put in all the track titles,,,, but when I did the last one, I lost all the track names that i'd just put in as it resumed to "Track 1, 2" etc !

any ideas please ?

  Furkin 16:17 16 Aug 2008

GOLFPRO: I looked at the dropdown menu re Formats and see that there are 6/7 choices.
What should I pick to convert to play on normal / basic CD players ?

  six-h 23:36 22 Aug 2008

I've not read your reply to my probs. with WMP insisting on splitting a compilation disk into individual disks of the same name for each artist!

checking the File location, it seems to be just the same as all the others, it's in the folder named as the album, each file is mp3, and named as the track/artist.
What can I do to convince WMP this is one album??

  Batch 12:49 23 Aug 2008

Try checking the album name in the "Album" column of WMP (not the File Name / Location) and make sure that it is the same for all of the tracks (from the compilation Album). If not, for each track in turn, right click the Album column for the track and make them all the same Album name. If the tracks are all listed consecutively in your screen, you can select all of the tracks and then right click on any one of them (again in the Album column) to do a bulk change.

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