Creating PDFs of PCA

  johndrew 17:01 17 Jun 2009

Some time ago I contacted PCA for information on when the next archive (post 2006 issues) was to be released on the cover disk. Although a provisional date was given (early 2009) it looks as if there is little chance for the near future and as a result I must make my own copies - or have my magazines pulped without my consent!

I can scan the pages and convert/save to PDF format using ABBYY FineReader. However my difficulty will come in `binding` the individual pages. I have downloaded a copy of PDFMerge click here and of PDFCreator click here which I believe I shall need. I have also tried to find any advice on merging the pages into a coherent document with little success.

Has anyone used the software above for a similar task, or can anyone suggest better (free) software for the job?

Has anyone any good tips/warnings on producing such documents? They are only for my reference and no copyright infringement is intended.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:09 17 Jun 2009

Have you considered the copywrite issue?

  johndrew 17:12 17 Jun 2009

`Have you considered the copywrite issue?`

Yes. Read my last paragraph.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:17 17 Jun 2009

May only be for your own reference but copywrite usualy forbids copying to other formats unless permission granted.

  Forum Editor 18:05 17 Jun 2009

Our copyright means that you may not reproduce the pages of the magazine for any purpose, whether you intend an infringement or not.

That said, we're not likely to send the boys round, provided the copies are for your personal use.

  john bunyan 20:30 17 Jun 2009

Another freebee worth a look:
click here
A bit like PDFCreator but also free. I use it to convert spreadsheets or word processing to be sent as e mail attachment to folk with different software to mine, as most can read .pdf

  johndrew 09:53 18 Jun 2009

Thank you for that.

It would have been ideal if the PCA archive could have been published as I believe Richard wanted (see the link click here), but for whatever reason this has not happened.

As you can see from the link, and the link within it, others were (are?) awaiting promulgation as well. If there were a chance that action was in hand it would save much effort.

Perhaps there are many of us beavering away producing our own archives as a result.

  johndrew 14:29 20 Jun 2009

A little additional information for any that wish to attempt this task for themselves.

I have finished the first magazine and completed the pdf. The equipment and method used was:

1. Using Epson Scan, scan the pages directly to pdf output individually. It is possible to collate directly using Epson Scan but in the event of a problem it would be necessary to split the document for any correction.

2. Using PDFTK Builder click here the individual pages were collated into a single document.

There is no `Search` set up facility within the software that I could find and as a result any document searches need to be carried out manually as with hard copy magazines.

It is possible to make images of each page and convert them to pdf, but this is long winded and the output quality is not visibly different.

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