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  Gyppo 19:19 08 Jun 2003

I am a very novice user and I need to send an holiday brochure I created in word as an email. It currently takes an age for me to upload it. I was told to create a PDF file and send it that way;sound advise, but how from Windows 98 to the world?!

  Wilham 20:00 08 Jun 2003

Gyppo, as far as I understand it the software Acrobat is free to read PDF files but to write PDF you need to purchase the sw/licence to be legal.

  LastChip 20:09 08 Jun 2003

click here and look for Acropad PDF Creator 1.0

  Pesala 20:43 08 Jun 2003

I may be wrong, but it looks like Acropad PDF will not do for documents containing graphics. PDF Factory click here is £36 shareware and produces compact PDF files. The trial version prints an advertising banner on the bottom of each page.

It is very easy to use, as it is just like printing to a different printer. If your document contains unusual fonts you will need to embed them in the PDF file to ensure that the recipient can read or print the brochure as you intended. If it is just for reading, you can downsample the graphics to 96 dpi, which will reduce the file size dramatically. If you want professional quality prints at that end, uncheck this option.

  LastChip 20:55 08 Jun 2003

I have to admit, that didn't cross my mind!

I came across this though, I wonder if that would do the job for Free? click here

  Agent Smith 21:43 08 Jun 2003

PDF Edit from click here and it's free.

  Pesala 21:50 08 Jun 2003

I'm downloading it now. I hope it is as good as PDF factory. Results can vary from one program to another. The spec looks good.

  Pesala 22:32 08 Jun 2003

It doesn't handle the fonts properly. The file size is twice that produced by PDF factory. In short, it isn't worth downloading.

  Pesala 10:57 09 Jun 2003

You could try PDFMaker for Word 97 from click here as suggested by LastChip, but it is a bit old, and presumably would be limited to use with Word. It is a small download, so give it a try. If it doesn't do what you want try PDF factory. That works well, and is inexpensive. The basic version has enough features for you I suspect, unless you want active links in your brochure. If it is for printing, these are not necessary. If it is for viewing online, they can very useful. Someone viewing your brochure online could click a link to take them to the website of a service advertised in your brochure, or to send you an email.

  leo49 13:09 09 Jun 2003

If this is just a one-off document you want converted,click my envelope and I'll send you an email address to which you can send the finished word doc in a zip file and I'll run it through Acrobat and send it back.


  Ben Avery 13:14 09 Jun 2003

PDF files are not all that much smaller in size than word in my experience (especially not when zipped) so why not just password protect the word document (as a form) to erradicate any formatting changes and then send it in a zip file?


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