Creating a Order form for my website

  erkmatrix 10:09 03 Mar 2005

Hi can anyone help me, I've been trying to do a order form in word 2002 so that customers can download this orderform from my site and email me it along with an image they choose to be used as reference for a portrait painting.

The problem I'm having, the form looks great and has everything I need on but I can't seem to get it to be user editable so people can tick certain boxes, I have the boxes on the form but when I try and click as a customer would it just turns the whole of that field highlighted and doesn't put a dot in the tickable box. What am I doing wrong and does anyone know a way to do this. I think I've only got it a readable file and don't know how to unlock it to allow editing in the places that need it.

Your hopefully

  Forum Editor 19:29 03 Mar 2005

for several reasons - the most important of which is that not everyone is going to have Microsoft Word installed on their computer. Some other Office suites will open Word docs, but may not deal with fields in the same way, so it's best not to do it that way.

The simplest way would be to have a web-form which can be filled in online and emailed to you from the server, but that wouldn't allow people to send you an image attachment.

Why don't you go that route anyway? get people to fill in an online form and include a field for their email address. Then you can send them an email in the normal way and ask them to send their image attachment in their reply.

  erkmatrix 22:00 03 Mar 2005

argh theres always a problem lol with doing things, yes I agree and see what you are saying many won't have word so may have to think away from that. Is it possible to create a user editable email to have them click on a link on my site then a email pops up with our email address on and the form already on the email and they simply fill in their details and attach the image. Is that at all possible.

If not I will have to create a web form and have them send the image(s) seperate, its not ideal but if the email forms impossible its all I can do isn't it.

Is creating a web form easy and could I copy what I've done on my word file as more or less use that. I'm designing my html site using front page 2000.

Cheers for the help

  Forum Editor 23:25 03 Mar 2005

to design a perfect online form that (when completed) will either be sent to you by email from the server, or saved in a special file on the server, or both.

In FrontPage go to 'insert' and select 'Form'. Then use the insert/Form menu to select text boxes or buttons or whatever you need to design your form. The form properties dialogue will have all the options you need. Take some time to explore the various options, and come back here if you need advice or help with specifics.

You should be aware that FrontPage forms can only work if the server has the FrontPage extensions installed.

You can also create an email option which will fire up the visitor's email program with your address already inserted in the 'To' field. Unfortunately you can't arrange for a form to be loaded in the blank email however, so use the FP online form option.

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