Creating Membership Form in Dreamweaver?

  Damo. 13:28 16 Jan 2006

I'm building a site in dreamweaver, and a page of it we want a membership form where people fill in their details and answer a few questions then hit submit and the details are sent straight to the sites main email address. How do I do this? I'm not too technical mind, so laymans terms would be appreciated!

Many Thanks

  Taran 21:19 16 Jan 2006

This isn't trying to be difficult but do you want a membership form where people submit membership registration or is this a feedback form for people to contact you where they can select various preconfigured options in the process ?

Membership systems are typically used to register users for restricted content.

Getting a user registered is relatvely easy. Protecting the content you want to restrict is a lot more involved.

A form handler script can process a form and email the results of it to you.

click here for a very popular CGI form handler, or try and search for a form handler in PHP or CGI, which are the most likely languages your web host will support.

  Damo. 21:25 16 Jan 2006

Hi Taran,

Thanks for the response. The form is for people to join a club, but there will be no member section on the website, so it purely is for us to be able to receive their details.

I kinda know how to create a new form and add text fields, but I'm unsure how to link it all together so that when they press 'submit' it goes straight to my email.

Thanks for the link, I shall check it out now.

  Forum Editor 23:50 16 Jan 2006

looking for form handlers it would be worth checking out your web host's cgi bin. Good hosts provide form handlers as a matter of course, and you might just find one sitting there, waiting for you.

  badgermansix 14:54 18 Jan 2006


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