Creating a link to my youtube video

  tony-guitar 19:52 07 Jun 2013

Hi, I have a small website using 1&1. I've uploaded pics to my gallery, created an email link that enables someone to click on a contact and it opens up the email client, but i'm stuck. I have a video posting on youtube and I want to be able to do a 'Click Here' on my website, that takes you straight to that video on youtube. At the moment, I can only get it to go to the youtube 'home page' (and not my video). I've tried going on YT, bringing up my video, writing down the URL, and putting that into 1&1's box. It doesn't work. This is new territory for me and i'm obviously doing something fundamentally wrong. Can someone put me right please. Thanks

  LastChip 01:15 08 Jun 2013

It should be really simple, though I don't know if 1&1 have any coding restrictions.

If you go to your youtube video, under the video you will see "Share". Click on that and then look for "Embed". Click on that.

Now simply copy the "embed" code and paste it into your site where you want it to appear.

  LastChip 01:23 08 Jun 2013

Like old5chool, I missed the part that said you wanted a "click here", but no problem.

Go to "Share" as in my previous post and copy the link it provides. Now create an anchor tag and copy that code into it. Type Click here (or whatever text you want to appear) after the anchor tag and then close the tag.

You can see an example of it here.

  tony-guitar 17:10 08 Jun 2013

Hi LastChip, thanks for your help (and old5chool, whose reply has disappeared!). This is quite technical for me. I don't understand 'anchor tag' even after checking your link. old5chool had a link that suggested using 'WordPadpro' or something from Microsoft on the lines of WebPad. I can't remember exactly as his posting has disappeared. However, if I open both youtube and my website so that both are on my screen, can I drag and drop the embedded code into my website's "click here" 'link'?

  LastChip 16:17 09 Jun 2013

If you want a Click Here link, use the code that starts: http: on youtube --> Share.

I don't know (and can't see) how you're going about this, but I suspect 1and1 has a simple way of embedding a link.

To be honest, the easiest way is try it and see.

As regards my link, if you look at the beginning < a (forget the space it's the only way I can write it here) then http: ....., and then > , the http: bit is where your link code goes. Then you have whatever you want to be seen on your page. So where the example says; Visit!, you would replace with Click Here and then the "a" (anchor) tag is closed with < /a > (again ignore the spaces I've put in).

In fact, you could copy that link code directly from W3Schools and substitute your http: code for what's already there, and change the text as already described an paste it into your page.

In that example, all that would be seen on the page, is Click Here.

Clearly, you write that code in the position on the page where you want the link to be seen.

To try and dispel any doubt, here's an example sentence embedding an anchor (again ignore the spaces);

< a href= "[your youtube link code]" > Click Here < /a > to see my amazing new video!

It is only the Click Here that is embedded within anchor tags.

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