Creating LAN between Windows 7 PC and Windows Vist

  Erthalion 12:18 21 May 2010

Ok, so I've been trying to setup a network connection between A desktop (Windows Vista) and a Laptop (Windows 7) using an Ethernet Crossover cable. I am able to get the computers to recognise each other, and am even able to access "Public Folder". The aim of this connection is for the laptop to be able to access files from a special x-ray program called "Soprex: Digora", in order for me to access these files from the laptop I have to have a direct connection between the computers so that the program "Soprex: Digora" (which I have installed on the laptop as well) can connect to the database it has created on the (Windows Vista) Desktop.

Am I perhaps doing something wrong in attempting a direct Ethernet Crossover connection to this effect? Should I be using a router of some sort?

Any ideas? :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:21 21 May 2010

Have you enabled sharing on the folder where the database is located?

  Erthalion 12:53 21 May 2010

Yes, I've tried enabling sharing, I've also given the Laptop a fixed IP, as the program requires for a fixed address to be used when sourcing from the database of another computer.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:56 21 May 2010

Have you also shared the folder where "Soprex: Digora" is located?

  Erthalion 18:16 21 May 2010

So I've changed share options on all of the appropriate folders, following the file path from c:/ until the Digora folders, sharing all of these files. All of these folders are now directly visible in the connection, but still the program fails to connect to its' sister program.

When I access the Desktop through the laptop, I don't get the path however, instead I have it all displayed at once. So I have the C drive displayed at the same time as the folders that are infact contained in the c drive. Would this prove to be a problem for the Digora program?

I've also attempted to give both computers fixed IPv4 details.

So the ip details I have at present are:


I've also fixed the DNS settings with an almost identical configuration. Is that ok or am I best of leaving it blank?

  Erthalion 14:15 24 May 2010

Sorry to keep at it like this, but has anyone got an idea concerning the above?

Thanks a bunch in advance. :)

  robin_x 14:39 24 May 2010

No and it bugs the hell out of me too.

W7 is just too damn security conscious. I know it is for our own good.

I have shared my laptop (by my side) with my old Tower PC upstairs. And vice versa. And Taken ownership two ways and messed around with Security for Everyone. And Advanced options. Both logons are now the same, both Homegroup, I go round in circles.

I have my Desktops available both ways, Full Control. But I can't replicate it.

For instance, Windows System Image won't see a full network with Home Premium. So I made an extra partition upstairs for backup. Then tried to share that. (to copy to my USB HDD downstairs)

No dice. I have to copy to Public or downstairs desktop then copy again to the HDD. Crazy.

Tried UAC off and firewalls.
Turned off the password thing somewhere in Control Panel.

NEED HELP FOR BEGINNERS FOLKS. (30 yr comp literate lmao)

There are some hacks with "cacls" I believe. I don't know enough and haven't had time to really get into it.

Makes no difference if you are peer-peer or through a router in my experience.

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