Creating Hyperlinks from a Photograph

  DoctorButcher 17:10 19 Oct 2004

Not sure how this would be done, but i'd like to give it a try if at all possible.

I'm building a site for the family. Nothing fancy but i would like to try something different for page selection. Here's what i have in mind...

Within the site, each member of the family (me, the missus, the kids) will have their own 'home' page. However to navigate to each of the pages, i to use a photograph of all the family and sort it so that when a face is clicked, it goes to the corresponding page. So, if my face was clicked you would go to my page and so on...

How would i go about this?
Ta :)

  Eric10 20:51 19 Oct 2004

Type "image map" into google and take your pick from the links to tutorials and programs.

  steve263000 05:24 21 Oct 2004

If you are using front page, then click on the photo, then click on the hyperlink button at the top. Then when the hyperlink properties box comes up, choose the page that you wbat to fit the photo to. That will set the properties.

  Forum Editor 07:13 21 Oct 2004

which enable you to specify an area of an image that will become a hyperlink.

I can't give you a complete walkthrough without knowing which software application you're using, but it's a pretty straighforward process.

  DoctorButcher 08:52 21 Oct 2004

Thanks for the replies guys...

Forum Editor, I'm using Macromedia DreamweaverMX and Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 if that is any help...

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