Creating Flash Text (Flash 5)

  Ben Avery 15:12 06 Nov 2003


I'm wondering if anyone can explain (in the most simple term possible!) how I can create Flash text using Macromedia Flash 5. I'm sure it's not a really complicated affair and is something I'd like to add to a British Sign Language site I'm currently designing to give it some more impact.

Isn't there some way of simply typing in ther text and choosing from some kind of default animations?

If so, how?!

Thank you!


  harristweed 18:03 06 Nov 2003

I don't know of any flash templates for text.

Have a look at these tutorials
click here

You might be able to amend one easily

  s3mt3x 20:24 15 Dec 2003

Ben, if you're using Flash MX 2004 then yes - there are effects you can drag and drop - if its 3/4/5 then no and you have to do what is called tweening.

Tweening is where you set two keyframes - the second key frame has some different characteristics like the position of text. You then create a motion tween (or indeed a shape tween) which fills in the frames between the two key frames. So if you want to create a text fade effect in flash 5/mx follow the pointers below:

1. Select the text tool from the toolbar on the left and click on the stage and enter some text.

2. This part is key!: Select the text with the select tool and choos Insert >> Convert to Symbol and then check the "graphic" tick box from the window that pops up.

3. Now move your play head to say frame 20 and click insert >> keyframe. Select the text with the select tool. Now in the properties panel, click the dromdown box which says "none" and select Alpha and move the slider to 0 then select your first frame and right click and select "Create motion tween" from the context menu. All being well you should now be able to "srub" the play head forward and back and see the text fade in and out. Check this link out click here for a great site with tutorials, sample sites etc.

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