Creating email with images

  NeOsage 09:14 22 Nov 2013


I'm having problems creating an email with embedded images.

Creating the mail isn't a problem, it looks fine and all works as it should, and is formatted as an html message. However, when I send it to a recipient they receive a plain message with all the images as attachments.

Oddly, if I change the mail format to rich text, then they receive it how it's supposed to look, ie with the images all in the right place, but only if they're using an email client like outlook. The mail again doesn't look right when viewed in a web-mail environment like Gmail.

What am I doing wrong? I'm using Outlook 2010 on a Win7 PC to create the email; and again, if I send it to myself it looks fine when viewed using Outlook, but if I check it on my Gmail web-mail it's just plain text with attached images. I know my web-mail can receive mails with images; I get spam every day that are perfectly formatted with embedded images.

Any advice/suggestions v.much welcome.

  Woolwell 14:19 22 Nov 2013

I don't think that you are doing anything wrong. As I understand it Outlook's html for images places them as attachments rather than in the text. I think that this is for security reasons. I have never used them but there are means of embedding html so that the image does appear.

You can set an individual email address to only send plain text by double clicking on the email entry when you have their details open in contacts.

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