creating a connection hi i have a network ov 4 wir

  chippy+ 19:41 08 Jun 2010

hi i have a network of 4 wired and 2 wireless pc's all are networked and working the network is also working with my wife's laptop the question i would like to ask is when she is using the laptop with no access to the internet she cannot get a connection do we have to buy a data dongle and pay extra from virgin who i am with at home or can i do something with a spare wireless router

  onthelimit 09:20 09 Jun 2010

Nor sure I understand the question. You say 'the network is also working with my wife's laptop', then go on to say 'she cannot get a connection'. Could you expand a bit, please.

  chippy+ 10:43 09 Jun 2010

hi onthelimit thanks for the reply sorry about the mix up it is when my wife takes her laptop away from the house where there is no internet connection, i know i can buy a usb with so many gig but i have to pay virgin exra for that, i have a spare wireless router could that be set up to use in a hall where she has a meeting thanks Chippy

  tullie 11:40 09 Jun 2010

No.What ISP is she intending to connect to?

  chippy+ 11:50 09 Jun 2010

hi tullie i am with virgin media ( ntl world )the router is a wireless g that i had before i got an n router thanks Chippy

  onthelimit 12:12 09 Jun 2010

If she is away from home, the only option (unless she is near a WiFi hotspot in a hotel or cafe etc) is to pay loadsamoney for a mobile connection through a dongle.

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