Creating a boot disc

  Hans_Blix 20:07 22 May 2003

Is there any way to creat a windows boot disc? I can't find mine, wondered if i could create a new one. Also, does anyone know any other way to restart windows in dos mode than holding control after restarting, cos that don't seem to work on my cpu. cheers ;)

  spikeychris 20:11 22 May 2003

Sometimes you have to post the operating system, this is one of those times...

  Rtus 20:12 22 May 2003

Go To Start>Settings >control panel> add remove programs>Start-up disk Tab (for W98se) WinMe similar Method If I remember correctly..

  Rtus 20:15 22 May 2003

I can see the desktop from here....
Not really.....
I cheated I read the other posts...LOL

  Hans_Blix 20:15 22 May 2003

Using WinMe, cheers

  Rtus 20:17 22 May 2003

Dont worry about it mate we all were at one point..Welcome to the forum...

  Switcher 20:22 22 May 2003

Start>RUN>Format a: /s Will format a floppy and transfer the operating system. That is all that is required if you want a BOOT DISK.

If you want a startup disk then START>RUN>SETTINGS>Control Panel> ADD REMOVE PROGRAMS then click on Startup disk.

The above for Win ME

  Hans_Blix 20:24 22 May 2003

Thanks yet again everyone. I'm off to watch the second half of the footy..its 1-1 if any1 is intersted. Later.

  Switcher 20:59 22 May 2003

Who's Playing

  Audeal 22:06 22 May 2003

Hans_Blix. You can download a boot disk from here. click here

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