Creating a book with Word 2003

  johnincrete 11:24 02 May 2014

I have the chapters of a book in separate Word files, with each chapter about 20-30 pages. How do I put all the chapters together into one book with these features: Heading: Book Title + chapter title i.e the header changes with each chapter. Page number starts at 1 and is continuous i.e it does not go back to 1 at each chapter Contents page: For the whole book listing just the chapters and page numbers but then a contents page for each chapter also showing page numbers. The style for each heading is consistent throughout.

The task if I was just printing would be simple - print each chapter separately. But I need to convert to PDF to take to a printer so I need one file that is the book.

I have found that Microsoft help files don't cover what I need.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:44 02 May 2014
  1. new document (by crating an new doc and inserting files if any thing goes wrong you still have the original files)

  2. on first page put Book title

  3. on second page> Insert -Reference- index and tables: index : View header and footer: in footer insert- page numbers

  4. on third page > Insert- Reference- index and tables : table of contents nothing will appear yet (you will see the headings on each page listed when you create the table)

  5. on fourth page > Inset - file : first chapter word doc.

6 at end of doc insert new page and on the new page insert file: next chapter etc. until all your chapters are in the new doc

  1. back to third page and update field (tick both boxes to include page number updates

  2. do same for index

  3. File - Save as

To be honest try it a with just a couple of chapters to see how you get on

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