creating backups, how?

  metamorph 22:24 13 Mar 2004

i have a CDR which im trying to save a backup on, the problem i have is that the disc is only 700mb but the WINNT folder is nearly 900, and program files into the1000's mb is there a disc bigger than 700mb? if not which files should i save and which should i not bother saving? or do i need all the files in both folders to create a working backup?

  Diodorus Siculus 22:28 13 Mar 2004

click here for all you need to know about backups.

To do what you want, click here to find out about Norton Ghost.

  woodchip 22:30 13 Mar 2004

If you get Drive Image it allows for multi CD backup and it compresses the files also

  metamorph 22:36 13 Mar 2004


  Diodorus Siculus 22:40 13 Mar 2004

Norton Ghost will do it; otherwise a partial backup of your your data, address book etc.

  woodchip 22:45 13 Mar 2004

We are not talking about a CD burning program , they are both backup programs that work better than anything Microsoft can produce

  metamorph 22:49 13 Mar 2004

well when i want to save any thing to disc i have to press the burn button? its the only option.what about maximum disc sizes are there bigger than 700mb?

  metamorph 23:21 13 Mar 2004

unfortunately im a poor student and cannot aford things as frivilous,thanx any way. ive heard about places on the net where you can save your documents would one be able to use some thing that for the task?

  GaT7 23:24 13 Mar 2004

Yes there are CDRs slightly bigger than 700Mb & if you use the 'overburn' feature in Nero - click here - but it isn't likely to make much of a difference to your needs. Your best bet is to use image backup sw as the others have suggested or split the BU over more than one CDR - WINNT1 on one disk & WINNT2 on another, & so on. Another alternative is to buy a DVD-writer - one DVDr can store atleast 4.7Gb.

Note: Using the image backup method (even with compression) is not guaranteed to save to just the 1 CDR, but they can be configured to automatically split the image file into several parts to be saved over more than 1 CDR if needed.

  metamorph 23:30 13 Mar 2004

same with drive image way too much for my pocket, thanx any way, dont suppose you know of any free-ish ones??

  metamorph 23:34 13 Mar 2004

Thanx; i did try using two cd's but when i put the second in it said there had been an error and could not finish the job.

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