Created a website, worked fine, now asks for username and password, HELP!

  lacy.corlis 20:30 23 Nov 2013

I created a website with a webcreator (sitespinner) and FTP transferred to my host. The website worked great for about a year or so and now everytime I try to visit the page (or a client) is asks for username and password. None of my passwords/names work, and it takes me to a "You are not authorized to view this page" error.

I dont have a file manager with my host, just upload to the website directory /web

Please help!

  Forum Editor 18:08 24 Nov 2013

Presumably you have a full copy of your site on your computer?

Assuming that to be the case, try uploading the whole site, That will have the effect of overwriting the server copy, and should resolve your problem.

If not, you'll need to look at the permissions settings on the server files.

  lacy.corlis 22:16 24 Nov 2013

I already tried re-uploading the entire site with no fix.

How do I look at permission settings on the server files if I do not have access to any file management with my web host?

  Forum Editor 00:54 30 Nov 2013

You say that you transferred the site via FTP - that should enable you to look at file permissions on the server.

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