Create seemless network with powerline

  rsturbo 00:21 08 Apr 2018

If i create network with homeplugs and name all plugs with same ssid as router will they automatically connect wirelessly(once i have connected once to router) or do i have to connect individually to all the plugs? Also will the plugs still be individual access points ie if router is in kitchen and plug 1 is in conservatory will the connection continue seamlessly or will it drop kitchen and reconnect to conservatory if signal is stronger or do i have to choose stronger connection manually as i would hwve to if tbey were different ssid's? Thwnks for any help

  wee eddie 02:03 08 Apr 2018

I think that you have misunderstood how Powerline sets work.

Number 1 is connected to the Router by an Ethernet Cable and plugged into the Mains

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