Create a £ sign on a US Keyboard with no numb pad

  tallboy 08:35 13 Jan 2017

I have a tablet case with a small US keyboard built into it. There is no numeric pad, so I can't use the usual method (Alt+numbers) to create the £ sign. Is there a key combination that will give me a £ sign? Better still, is there a way I can program a function key to create it? Suggestions most welcome!

  [DELETED] 09:26 13 Jan 2017

Can you change it to UK English keyboard in settings? Then try SHIFT + 3.

  Burn-it 14:36 13 Jan 2017

Try the hash key next to the Enter key. That is often set to the pound sign. Also see if it is the shifted 2,3,or, 4 !

  BT 18:09 13 Jan 2017

Find Character Map and choose from there.

Win 10 type Character Map in Cortana search box. Its about 4 lines down towards the right hand side.

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