create oem style recovery media

  rsturbo 17:31 01 May 2014

i have several relatives who ask me to look after pc. is it possible to create oem style recovery discs so they just boot from the media and the pc is recovered to original state. not worried about data backup etc.

  Zak 17:46 01 May 2014
  onthelimit1 18:14 01 May 2014

If they are Windows 7, it has it's own tool to do that.

  rsturbo 20:24 02 May 2014

how does the win7 method work? ie i create recovery onto dvd's then how do i recover? (do i just boot from the dvd and it recovers computer to factory install or to when i created the recovery disks) also if i had to replace the hard drive would the recovery disks still work?


  Zak 21:42 02 May 2014
  Secret-Squirrel 09:01 03 May 2014

".........and it recovers computer to factory install or to when i created the recovery disks..............."

The Windows method will include everything including all installed programs and user data so the image could be very large. A DVD holds roughly 4.7GB of data so you may find that you need twenty or more disks :(

Apologies for asking an obvious question but do your relatives have computers from big-name brands such as Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc? If they do then all that's required is to run the built-in recovery-disk creator utility and that'll create a factory image on roughly four DVDs.

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