Create a New Drive

  Ritchbee 12:29 09 Jun 2004

I already have the following standard drives.


Can anyone provide with simple instructions on how to go about creating a new one/s

Many thanks for your help


  Smiler 12:41 09 Jun 2004

Use a partitioning program such as Partition Magic

  AndySD 12:42 09 Jun 2004

What is the operating system and what sort of drive do you need?

Do you mean a new partition?

  pj123 12:50 09 Jun 2004

Not enough info here. Tell us exactly what it is you are trying to do? Give us the specification of your PC. At the moment A is your floppy drive, C is your primary master. D and E could be many things. D could be a partition of your C drive, or it could be a second physical hard drive as a slave, or a CD Rom drive. E also could be one of many things. It could be a physical CD/RW drive on the secondary IDE cable etc.....

  Ritchbee 12:57 09 Jun 2004

A = Floppy
C = Primary

I'm wanting to create a 'F' Drive, can this be done ?.

I'm running XP Home, AMD2700, Hard Drive 120gb,

  pj123 13:12 09 Jun 2004

You could partition your C drive using partition magic or ranish (free) from click here

You would then have C your main boot disk, D a partition (of C), E would be your CD/RW drive and F would be your DVD drive.

I don't have XP myself but have been given to understand that you can change the drive letters to whatever you want.

  TomJerry 13:28 09 Jun 2004

Soft way or Hard Way

(1) You can creat a parition on the Harddrive with driver letter "F". You need Parition Magic or Partion Expert for this. Partion Expert Personal Edition (free) was on PC Advisor Cover CD a couple of month ago.

(2) You can install a second hard drive and make it drive letter F. This cost money and DIY.

  Smiler 14:59 09 Jun 2004

Another one resolved without telling us how?

  TomJerry 15:07 09 Jun 2004

a lot of this recently

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