Create Copy Protected Audio CD-r

  BBez 19:04 30 Jul 2004


outputting some sample CD-r's for my friend who has started doing DJ sets, as promo's, but doesn't want them copied and reproduced, by friends etc...

anyone help in how to achievw a copy protected CD-r...

Links, software, anything,

big thanks in advance...

  THE TERMINATOR 19:28 30 Jul 2004

Sorry, if it was that easy, the music industry wouldn't have a problem would they. Tell your friend to get a strong case to keep them in....TT

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:36 30 Jul 2004

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  BBez 19:47 30 Jul 2004

I'm wanting to copy protect MY FRIEND's CD's, no mention of defeating copy protection or cracking..!

  TomJerry 19:59 30 Jul 2004

I think that the software can be very expensive because they are only used by big commercial companies.

The process of producing CDs are different for commercial CDs, they are pressed by a template, not burnt.

I do not think you can achive much to try to protect it technically.

Maybe he could put a copyright warning on the lable to warn people.

  BBez 17:42 31 Jul 2004

OK, thanks for the replies...

  esbe 23:53 01 Aug 2004

In tools/ options of windows media player9, there is an option to copy protect music.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 00:26 02 Aug 2004

if you could stop people copying your music/films/movies cd's etc, you wouldnt be asking about burning your own music promo's now, because the industry would have stopped it

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