Create a BusinessTemplate to use in an email?

  Sparkly 17:38 24 Feb 2010

Hi can anyone help with this a friend has recently started up his own company and,he has his own stationary with his own letterhead and all other infomation, he was wandering is it possible to create a template that can be inserted into an email to send off Invoices/Reciets so they look more professional. He has Office 2007 and uses Orange for emails etc.
So basicly if he was to scan his headed paper how can it be saved either in his email cliet or in Outlook 2007?
Thanks in advance.

  wiz-king 19:02 24 Feb 2010

He can use a Word document or a picture (scan) to create a template.
In Outlook it's tools > options > mail format tab > stationery

  Sparkly 19:39 24 Feb 2010

Hi wiz-king and thanks will give that a go and get back.

  Woolwell 19:47 24 Feb 2010

I hope that it is not too elaborate as some will not be too happy if it slows down their e-mail. Also remember that some don't like html e-mails and you need to see what it looks like in plain text.

  Sparkly 20:06 24 Feb 2010

"I hope that it is not too elaborate"
Hi Woolwell not at all just their letterhead contact no's email address.

  Sparkly 11:46 25 Feb 2010

Morning wiz-king scanned the letterhead in have been to Outlook as you said
"In Outlook it's tools > options > mail format tab > stationery" we can choose from all the other stationary templates listed but we are at a loss as to how to add a template to the lis have hade a good look around but cannot see anything, Allso opened the scan in word and tried to save it "Other Formats" but mostly all word formats not foe Outlook.
Allso when i go to the folder to save it in i have Microsoft Office Microsoft Frontpage,Microsoft Small Business,and Outlook Express but still cannot find the folder Outlook/Stationary to save it in. Probely being a total dimwit with this but would appreciate a nice clear instrution on how to do this. Thanks again.

  Woolwell 11:53 25 Feb 2010

This should help click here

  Sparkly 12:19 25 Feb 2010

Hi Woolwell thankyou ever so much that worked nicely, how simple it is when pointed in the right direction, we are most grateful for your help and link.
Many thanks.

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