CRC Errors & Errored Seconds in router

  woofwoofbark 11:52 26 Aug 2006

Hi I have just checked my ADSL Config page in my router (Trust 445A Speedlink XDSL WebStation) and noticed these errors

Errored Seconds :- D/Stream 560 , U/Stream 73

CRC Errors :- D/Stream 1665 , U/Stream 80

I switch the usually router off through the night , will this affect the router in any way ? calculating the errors , just over 1 day 15 hours , CRCErrors work out at (roughly) 42 per hour

Is this normal or ?

thanks for any advice


  woofwoofbark 15:00 26 Aug 2006


  CurlyWhirly 18:34 26 Aug 2006

It is normal to have errors on broadband connections especially if you are on Max where you are pushing your line to the limit.

Obviously it isn't good to have too many errors but 42 CRC errors an hour isn't particularly high.

Because I have Max on a long line, I have chosen to have interleaving enabled which fixes some of the errors which would otherwise have to be sent again which wastes bandwidth.

For comparison, I currently have 2531 CRC errors on an uptime of just over 3 days.

  Dipso 23:22 26 Aug 2006

You changed your username again? ;)

Like CurlyWhirly says, 42 errors an hour isn't excessive. I think I was averaging about 26 the last time I checked. If it did become a problem the BT kit would enable interleaving on your line (which CurlyWhirly has asked to have enabled) which would stabilise the line.

  Dipso 23:23 26 Aug 2006

...switching your router off overnight shouldn't be a problem.

  woofwoofbark 16:55 04 Sep 2006

yip , me again ... changing nick's with passwords seems the norm for me :p

Thanks for the info ... Im now at around 7 errors per sec and the comp is running good !!


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