Crazy reboot problem

  iqs 16:05 10 Jan 2010


I cloned my C: last month to a brand new WD HDD,using Acronis True Image.

With the new HDD fitted the PC runs like a dream,except sometimes when I run a virus scan.

The PC will reboot half way through the scan,not every time and with different virus/matware apps.

I have checked event viewer,nothing listed.No problems with device manager,no virus or malware,no over heating issues,nothing to pin point why this happens.

I have just fitted my old C:,and will see what happens over the next couple of weeks.I am about to run WD own diagnostic software to test the drive.
This never happened with the old HDD.

Could it be down to an error in the cloning,or something else,your thoughts and help are appreciated.


defrag,chkdsk,reg scan have been actioned weekly/monthly

  rawprawn 16:13 10 Jan 2010

You are not running two AntiVirus programs are you? or two Antimalware programs which have real time protection?

  iqs 16:21 10 Jan 2010

Hi rawprawn,

I have various security apps running,but known of them are configured for real time monitoring.

I have Bullguard Firewall and Antivirus
Malwarebytes Superantispyware and Adaware.

These were all running fine together on the old HDD.

Thank you

  rawprawn 16:41 10 Jan 2010

OK, it was just a thought.

  iqs 16:44 10 Jan 2010

The HDD has just passed the quick test,now the extended test...

  iqs 19:53 10 Jan 2010

the extended test came back as successful,still none the wiser.

I'm not sure if this makes a difference.....My PC is a custom gaming rig I built a few years a go.No major problems in that time,just the usual very minor normal problems.
When the PC is switched off with the new HDD,the HDD and OS shuts down,but the rest of the PC,mainly the lights stay on for a few seconds.

With the old HDD fitted,everything shuts down at the same time..

Any ideas?

  Technotiger 21:46 10 Jan 2010

Just an off-chance, but check all your Power options in Control Panel.

  iqs 22:02 10 Jan 2010

Hi Technotiger,
Thanks for the help.That was one of the first things I checked,cheers

  rawprawn 17:47 11 Jan 2010

You haven't said which OS you are using, Can you do a Repair OS ?

  ^wave^ 17:59 11 Jan 2010

take off auto restart that will stop you rebooting you my then be able to see any error messages also look at the event manager at the time of the error and see if its logged an error

  iqs 18:54 11 Jan 2010

Hi rawprawn,Sorry Win XP Media Edition.Tried a repair install,but I get the same message as with sfc/scannow asking for the second xp disc,thanks.

Hi ^wave^,already un-ticked the auto restart,just waiting for it to happen again.Thanks

Just to update you.This morning it happened again when surfing,so it cant be down the security apps.Still no message in event viewer,this was before I un-ticked auto restart.

Ran a hardware diagnostic disc,all passed.Used memtest and windows memory tester,all were OK.

CPU temperature is OK,so is GPU.

Only thing I can put it down to is a failing PSU.Hope its not,its was rather expensive .

If you any other ideas please let me know,cheers

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