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Craziest s**t ever - help!

  Flayvaflayv 06:21 17 Jun 2018

Hi guys - anyone who can work this one out I will bow down before you lol... So I bought a refurbished PC off a guy the other day. He started it up in front of me, everything legit. When I got it home I pressed the on button but before even the bios blip it turned itself off again. Then it turns on again and off again and on again etc. I figured the power supply was screwed so I took it back to exchange for another. When I got there the guy plugged it in and it started up fine. He gave me a different unit anyway (i watched him boot it up, works perfectly) which I have just got home with AND IT IS DOING EXACTLY THE SAME THING! I have tried multiple power cords, different powerpoints and even went to another apartment in my building and nothing is making any difference. I have heaps of other electrical gear and it all works fine. All I can think of is that the power into my building is f**ed? Any ideas? Seriously, they guy I bought it off builds computers for a living and he has no clue either. Any advice much appreciated! Ta

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:46 17 Jun 2018

check he voltage supply from your building matches the requirements of the machine (printed on PSU)

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